Superbrown has closely follow the evolution and improvement of the semen sexing technique, in order to provide to his members sexed semen of his best bulls.

In the beginning of 2006 the first two bulls Jackpot and Rombo were tracked to U.K. at Cogent facilities in order to produce the first Brown Swiss sexed semen available on the market.

In the 2008 3 more bulls were sent to Cogent : Poster, Pitagora and Peter.

Today the semen sexing is performed at the Lab of Sexing Technologies in Reggio Emilia. The bulls housed and collect in our facilities at Alpenseme in Trento are collected twice a week and the semen collection is take to the Lab in Reggio Emilia by car for the sexing. This opportunity allowed us to produce sexed semen of almost all our top bulls.


>>click here in order to see the guidelines for the use of sexed semen

SUPERBROWN wishes you every success with the use of SEXED SEMEN!

superbrown-semesessato-foto2 seme-sessato-superbrown-azienda-ruatti
The first calves born from sexed semen, on the left Jackpot Resi and
on the right Rombo Greti Breeder Eberhöfer Anton, Lexenhof della
Val Martello (BZ)
 The same calves two years later, they became beautyfull milking
young cows and they reach excellent price at the auction sale of Bozen.
On your left Rombo Greti € 2.420 and on your right Jackpot Resi € 3.344