gebaeudeAlpenseme, the A.I. station of the Provincial Breeders Federation of Trento (Italy) is the keeper of the bulls of Superbrown and his semen producer.

The A.I. Station is located in Toss di Ton (Non Valley - TN), where the collection, processing and stocking activities of semen is been transferred in year 1998 from the old A.I. station in Rovereto (TN). The area where Alpenseme is located it is characterized of extensive apple cultivations and it is far away from the areas dedicated to the bovine breeding, allowing in this way a natural sanitary isolation of the bulls that live in the A.I. station.

Alpenseme offers services of production and conservation of the frozen bovine seminal material and services of the maintenance for the bulls that wait the genetic evaluation. Alpenseme work in compliance with the field National and European legislation.

Alpenseme produces frozen bovine semen, not only for the Consortium SuperBrown, but moreover for the National Associations Bovine Breeders of the breeds: Alpine Gray, Rendena and Belgian Blue where those bulls are of Alpenseme own property.

Here below the Frozen Semen Production Standard of Alpenseme

ALPENSEMEStandard products frozen semenSTD01P Rev. 05 pag 1/1
Packaging:PAILETTE of 0,23 cc (mini) or of 0,50 cc (medium)
Labelling:Breed, bull name, bull HBN, date of semen production, name of the A. I. Center, nr. code of the A. I. Center.
Fresh semen:Motility > 50%
Parameters of Quality:
MP >35%
NSPM > 6.000.000
Freezing method:Nitrogen liquid